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Stratstone Projects completes Principal Contracting projects throughout many different sectors with vast experience ranging from super-prime residential developments through to schools and retail. Please see a list of our preferred sectors below:







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Principal Contracting Process

  • Design

    Regardless of the design status of your project, Stratstone Projects can assist or lead in a design function for you. Stratstone Projects is an affiliated partner of an architectural and interior design company that will be able to digest, interpret and deliver on the prescribed brief and desired requirements for your project, assisting with any planning permission(s) and production of full working drawings. This function will be provided and delivered working alongside Stratstone Projects project management team throughout the project until handover.

  • Tendering

    Once working drawings are produced and appropriate permission(s) agreed, Stratstone Projects are equipped to quantify and produce a comprehensive bill of quantities (BOQ) for any given project. By harnessing our commercial departments experience and expertise, Stratstone Projects can provide or support your project regardless of the tendering process or format. In addition to this, Stratstone Projects will develop any project or commercial documents required in order to suit our Client's requirements, whilst also providing complete transparency. This approach will then enable the review of value engineering/design development options, to see where you can save or spend more money during the tender stage. Finally, all commercial advice will be supported by appropriate and realistic risk and opportunity exercises, developed in collaboration with the Client to provide sufficient early warnings at a point that will reduce commercial and programme impacts.

  • Pre-Construction

    Stratstone Projects is obligated to comply with all HSE requirements. If your project exceeds 500 man working days we will have to notify the HSE and obtain an F10 certificate. We will then help you select a Principal Designer and produce all relevant paperwork including a; Construction Phase Plan, Traffic Management Plan, Emergency Arrangement Plan, Fire Escape Plan and relevant, site specific live working documents. We will also ensure adequate pre-planning is completed in regards to health, safety and the HSE requirements.

  • Construction

    Upon the agreement of contract and completion of pre-construction services and activities, construction will commence. Through extensive pre-construction qualification questionnaires (PQQ) and vetting processes we will select the best, most qualified sub-contractors for the works that we cannot complete in-house. This process ensures that our sub-contractors are able to produce the quality and reliability that we tirelessly enforce through our company ethos. This process is reinforced by harnessing an established supply chain that has supported delivery of previous projects. The companies and sub-contractors that are included within this resource pool have worked for us previously and are well versed in our company culture. Upon sub-contractor selection completion and the commencement of works on site, Stratstone Projects management team will embark on the delivery of the project, ensuring works are being executed to prevailing building regulations, and complying with all H&S requirements. Through project milestones and continual programme, commercial and project reviews, Stratstone Projects will ensure objectives and targets are met and exceeded where possible.

  • Quality Control

    Throughout the construction phase, snagging and quality control will be closely monitored by Senior Management, who specialise in delivery in accordance with a rigorous quality assurance quality control (QAQC) protocol. Whilst quality assurance (QA) checklists are completed throughout the project, Stratstone Projects will also ensure another snagging period is undertaken between practical completion and Handover. Completing this stage before handover ensures we present our Clients with the very best product to the highest standards. This in house process was established to ensure a zero defect, zero snag mentality.

  • Handover

    We will ensure Handover is as exceptional as it should be. Handover is the true milestone of any project, and the day most widely awaited by the project team and Client. Stratstone Projects provide detailed O&M manuals, displaying how all items in the project work and how they can be maintained appropriately. For any concerns that may arise during the defects liability period, Stratstone Projects will manage and arrange the same contractors/employees to attend and rectify the relevant issues as a matter of complete urgency.

  • Maintenance

    Once the defects liability period expires, Stratstone Projects can assist in the maintenance of the project. Managing the different construction activities as per the O&Ms at relevant intervals.

Quality Assurance

Our Clients expect the best service we can provide and our objective is to guarantee that the journey from commencement to handover will be stress free and to the highest standards, maintaining our culture of quality.

We often enforce the following QA procedures:

We will produce completed works sign off sheets in order of programme. For example; in a development with multiple apartments, we would produce a sign off sheet per apartment or room which lists out the necessary trades required in the particular area, ordered in programme order. Upon sign off from previous trades, the subsequent trades can then commence. This is a brilliant strategy to maintain a high level of QA whilst giving a clear indication of works that are completed, positively impacting efficiency and programme.

For each element of works, for example; drylining, we will enforce a QA sign-off by which we check walls are plumb, level, that there are adequate deflection gaps and window reveals are square throughout to name a few. This will be completed by the Foreman, before offering the area to one of the Site Managers for internal snagging. Once complete, Client snagging will then follow.

Generally, irrespective of the undertaken works, we will complete a benchmark finish which will be used as a referral to maintain desired details, finishes and general QA throughout the project.


Quality assurance isn't our only focus. We understand that our Clients have deadlines and despite our bullish approach to QA, we understand the importance to meet dates.

We control this by:

  • 1. Agreeing a programme before commencement of works, that we can assist in producing.

  • 2. Ensuring we adequately resource the project and are working efficiently throughout in accordance to agreed programme.

  • 3. Keeping a daily diary/log of activities.

  • 4. Holding weekly progress site meetings with relevant parties involved.

  • 5. Complete monthly progress photos throughout.

  • 6. Updating the programme monthly, identifying routes whereby the deadlines can be met sooner.

Regardless of our Client's perception of quality, our culture of perfection, persistance and determination to provide the very best exceeds our Client's expectations every time. Our commitment and passion accompanied by honesty and integrity have so far retained every Client we have ever worked for and we will endeavour to maintain this.

Will Linay MD