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Industry Sectors

Stratstone Projects completes Principal Contracting projects throughout many different sectors with vast experience ranging from super-prime residential developments through to schools and retail. Please see a list of our preferred sectors below:







Interior Solutions Process

  • Survey

    Despite whether or not we are sent drawings, specifications and a BOQ, we like to visit site if the contractor has secured the project. This way we can review access/egress, understand the working area, meet the site team and understand the Clients requirements as well as double checking the design intent, specification and measurements.

  • Tendering

    By harnessing our commercial departments experience and expertise, Stratstone Projects can provide or support your project regardless of the tendering process or format. In addition to this, Stratstone Projects will develop any commercial documents required in order to suit your requirements, whilst also providing complete transparency. This approach will then enable the review of value engineering/design development options, to see where you can save or spend more money during the tender stage. Finally, all commercial advice will be supported by appropriate and realistic risk and opportunity exercises, developed in collaboration with you to provide sufficient early warnings at a point that will reduce commercial and programme impacts. More often than not we will compose our own BOQ based on our survey. The BOQ will highlight any measurement alterations, any differences in specification and conflicts in design. We will also include any preliminaries, clarifications, inclusions and exclusions to clearly identify all priced items, ensuring complete transparency from the outset. Therefore, making it easier to identify and cost additional works.

  • Resource

    We have an expansive list of trusted operatives and a main core that we continue to employ. Whilst completing projects that range between £500,000- £15,000,000 we are known for resourcing projects adequately and within fairly short timeframes. All of our operatives hold relevant, prevailing training certificates and have ample knowledge of their trades, which accompanied by our company culture and ethos, produces unrivalled quality.

  • Manage

    From tendering through to the expiration of the defects liability period, we will ensure complete, reliable, committed management throughout who will liaise with all involved whilst also making frequent site visits, enforcing quality and punctuality.

  • Snag

    Throughout the construction phase, snagging and quality control will be closely monitored by Senior Management, who specialise in delivery in accordance with a rigorous quality assurance quality aontrol (QAQC) protocol. Whilst quality assurance (QA) checklists are completed throughout the project, Stratstone Projects will also ensure another snagging period is undertaken between practical completion and handover. Completing this stage before handover ensures we present you with the very best product to the highest standards. This in house process was established to ensure a zero defect, zero snag mentality.

  • Handover

    Upon handover, Stratstone Projects will provide all relevant O&Ms and warranties and will rectify any defects that may arise within the defects liability period as a matter of urgency, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.


For larger projects with gross development values exceeding £10m, it is conventional for a large Principal Contractor to be employed to undertake the project as a whole. However, we have proven over multiple projects that there has been a recent shift in the market. This shift has seen that profitability for developers and employers can be dramatically increased providing they are willing to package the project into 6 smaller packages instead of awarding the project as one using the following construction strategy:


Demolition | Groundworks | Frame


Envelope | Roofing


Mechanical | Electrical


Interior Fitout




Other Project Specific Packages