333 Kingsland Road, Hackney

Case Study

Packaging the fit-out elements as an all-inclusive turnkey contract at 333 Kingsland Road,
Stratstone Projects assisted in reducing build costs by 12%


Challenging the traditional construction model, Stratstone Projects were employed by private developer, Thornsett, to deliver all internal aspects of 333 Kingsland Road, a mixed-use Residential and Educational scheme located within the rapidly emerging East-End of London. By combining the role of Developer and Principal Contractor, Thornsett undertook the construction of the Frame and Envelope, from which Stratstone Projects carried out the full residential fit-out on 68 apartments consisting of 34 one-bedroom, 31 two-bedroom and 3 three-bedroom units, along with the Hackney New Primary School for up to 350 pupils aged 4-11.

New Hackney Primary School

Programme Duration: October 2018 – July 2019

Stratstone Projects were contracted to complete the fit-out aspects of the primary school, however our scope quickly evolved after demonstrating our capabilities to deliver a high standard of work whilst maintaining an ambitious programme.

Very quickly after commencing on site, Stratstone Projects were also awarded the glulam beams and roof carpentry packages, along with sanitaryware and second fix mechanical works within the School’s toilets and washrooms. In addition to this, the Stratstone scope was expanded further to include the delivery of specialist acoustic wall and ceiling panelling, assisting in the design process to ensure a high-quality product at a reasonable price point.

As the School neared completion, Stratstone were awarded the external doors package after the existing contractor failed to hit milestones, and due to the quality of the doors supplied. Stratstone immediately acted to repair and adjust doors on site, providing a superior finish and ensuring that the Client’s milestones for the School opening were met.

At agreement of the final account for the New Hackney Primary School, Stratstone Projects had completed instructed variations valued at 200% of the original contract value, whilst maintaining our original contract programme.

333 Kingsland Road

Programme Duration: September 2019 – May 2020

The 68 residential apartment scheme was due to commence in line with the New Hackney Primary School construction programme, however due to delays incurred by the external façade and precast concrete Contractors, a substantial start couldn’t be made until the latter half of 2019. With the project already behind on schedule, Stratstone Projects were tasked with acceleration of delivery, acting immediately to bolster resource and re-sequence activities, effectively delivering four floors simultaneously in the same period that Stratstone Projects were contracted to deliver two floors. This accomplishment is made even more considerable when factoring in that the external contractors were still completing facades, balconies, glazing and waterproofing in the same apartments Stratstone were completing final finishes.

The ability to close out areas and ensure they remained in a finished condition was only made possible by our rigorous inhouse QAQC (Quality Assurance, Quality Control) procedures and handover processes, which provided effective records of completed works. This allowed the Client to track damages with third-party Contractors and allow Stratstone Projects to quickly rectify any defects or damages.

From an original 48-week contract programme, Stratstone Projects were able to handover the full residential scheme in 35 weeks.


Stratstone Projects’ Interior Solutions model showcased a cost-effective build model for Clients who wish to increase profitability, retain control of the supply chain and directly influence programme.

Packaging the fit-out elements as an all-inclusive turnkey contract at 333 Kingsland Road, Stratstone Projects assisted in reducing build costs by 12% for the Client by:

  • Reducing Preliminary and Management costs that would be expended by individual Contractors.
  • Introduced efficiencies into the programme and the coordination of works.
  • Ensuring direct labour and external resources were readily available for the Project.

By absorbing many of the responsibilities of a traditional Principal Contractor, whilst not incurring the same overheads and staff costs, Stratstone Projects were able to provide the Client complete control on programme whilst supporting the Client’s project team who typically act as developers and not Main Contractors.